Leadership Development Programme


CCL Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is a strategic capacity building initiative designed by CCL Consulting Group through its CCL international Business Training division. This programme is designed to upgrade skills and equip participants with the competencies and disposition to execute complex responsibilities with an eye broader than the dictums of one’s functional orientation.

Our Aproach

This is a nine module programme, carefully crafted, and modelled to
address the three dimensions that affect an individual’s work life. These are
mainly the Self Dimension, the People Dimension and the Organisational
Dimension. By so doing this guarantees development of a balanced leader
in all these areas and as a wholesome package.


Participants are required to do work related assignments based on what
they would have learnt. This is an attempt to get participants internalising
the techniques they are taught. In this aspect one finds a lot of case studies
and role plays will be used during the course of the programme. The
assignments given will also attempt to address all aspects covered in each
dimension. Thus this programme can be completed in six months.

Course Synopsis

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