Business consultancy

It takes a village to raise a business

Strategy is defined as the road map to enable an organisation to achieve its vision. We assist organisations to identify their mission, vision and goals. We translate organisational intent into strategy that can be cascaded into relevant action plans. Determining the best structure to deliver the strategy and formulating a change plan to enable the organisation evolve appropriately, are core components of our strategic planning facilitation.

Strategic review also becomes an important mechanism for evaluating, improving and adapting the strategic performance of an organisation. Strategic turnaround a necessity for business experiencing operational and market dilemmas requires expert approach to organisational review and Business Processes Reengineering (BPR).  CCL approach to situational analysis includes work study or organisational methods as well as business context analysis.

Such operational analyses are done with a view to redesign processes and establish continuous process involvement (CPI) frameworks so that the organisation achieves its productivity objectives in the context of the 3 E’s ECONOMY EFFICIENCY, EFFICTIVENESS

Organisation Development Consultancy

•Strategic Planning Facilitation
•Teambuilding Facilitation
•Organisation Restructuring /Design
•Talent Management Programs
•Performance Management
•Organisational Learning Programs
•Mentorship/on-boarding Programs
•Human Resources Due Diligence
•Culture Audits & Change Programmes
•Management Services Certificate (IMS- UK)

Corporate Governance Consultancy

•An overview of Corporate Governance
• Rationale for Corporate Governance.
• Constituents of an effective Board.
• The Duties and Roles of a Board
• How to run effective meetings
• Strategic Leadership
• Strategic thinking and planning
• Supervision of Management by the Board
• Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Leadership.
• Alternative Dispute Resolution

Marketing Management Consultancy

•Corporate Marketing Strategy
•Branding & Brand Positioning
•Market Research & Profiling
•Customer Service (culture) Audit
•Credit Management Strategy & Policy
•Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
•Market Penetration & Selling Strategy
•Internal Service Chain Refocusing

Financial Management Consultancy

•Financial Mgt Policies & Systems
•Risk and Oversight Policies
•Enterprise Risk Management
•Commercialization & Liquidation
•Business Restructuring
•Financial Due Diligence
•Company Valuation
•Financial and Capital Raising
•Performance Incentive Schemes

Entrepreneurship Management Consultancy

•SMEs Market Development & Linkages
•Business Proposal Preparations
•Business Planning Sessions
•Business Idea Generation
•Business Structuring
•Financial Controls & Systems Design
•Asset Management
•Operational Planning
•Investment Planning